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Veterans Transportation

Welcome to River Cities Public Transit!

A private nonprofit agency dedicated to providing transportation services to individuals with disabilities, the elderly, low income and the general public of Hughes, Stanley, Hand, Hyde, Dewey Ziebach, Haakon, East Pennington, North half of Jackson, Jones, and Lyman counties in central South Dakota. River Cities Public Transit is quality, dependable and efficient transportation for our region. River Cities Public Transit received funds for the operation of the project from Federal, state and local sources. These funds help keep our fares affordable to the riders in this region who have minimal funds available for transportation, but still need to be mobile in our communities.

Vision Statement:

To demonstrate a "Standard of Excellence" unparalleled in the small urban and rural transit industry by richly enhancing mobility options for residents in the communities River Cities Public Transit serves.

Mission Statement:

River Cities Public Transit is committed to providing safe, reliable and courteous public transportation to the members of the communities we serve by promoting quality of life, livability, self-sufficiency and freedom through mobility.

Mobile Vehicle Surveillance System Procurement

River Cities Public Transit (RCPT) in conjunction with Yankton Transit and Vermillion Public Transit requests bids for the manufacture, delivery and installation of Mobile Vehicle Surveillance System (MVSS) in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Invitation for Bids (IFB) for 2017 Transit MVSS Procurement. Multiple contracts with multiple vendors may be awarded through this procurement. Bidders are invited to bid on one, several or all aspects of the contract. The contracts shall be firm fixed price contracts.

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