The CDL Apprenticeship Program

River Cities Public Transit
What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship programs combine paid on-the-job training with related classroom instruction. The goal of an apprenticeship is to prepare individuals for skilled occupations while equipping them with the practical experience that employers seek in applicants. Employers often ensure that program graduates retain employment at an increased wage.

How does an apprenticeship work?

River Cities Public Transit, in conjunction with the State of South Dakota’s Department of Labor and Regulations, initiated the apprenticeship program in an effort to develop CDL-qualified drivers for our operations throughout South Dakota. Over the course of the CDL apprenticeship program, participants will master driver skills through a combination of instruction and on-the-job application. Program graduates will receive a certificate of completion recognizing their new qualification as a CDL qualified driver.

How long is this apprenticeship?

The length of the CDL apprenticeship is approximately ?????. Apprenticeships connect education and work simultaneously. Apprentices take classes while they are working, combining theoretical and hands-on learning.

Are apprenticeships paid?

Absolutely! Apprentices earn competitive wages, and a paycheck from the first day of employment, and will receive a pay increase once they have achieved CDL qualification.

Why should I consider an apprenticeship in RCPT’s CDL program?

Apprenticeships allow you to learn while you earn. If you are wanting a CDL, this is a great way to earn it while receiving a paycheck. You will learn from experienced and certified CDL instructors. RCPT’s CDL apprenticeship will help you realize your career goals by providing a great salary and long-term career opportunities.

How would I become an apprentice?

The first step to becoming an CDL apprentice is to fill out the apprenticeship application located here.

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