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Job Description:

The Martin Transit Bus Driver is responsible for operating buses in a safe and efficient manner. The Martin Transit Driver is responsible for the safety and well- being of themself, their passengers, and all other people on the road.

The Martin Transit Driver position reports to the Operations Staff located in Pierre, SD.

Work is performed in the field, operating a non-CDL vehicle, regardless of weather conditions. The Driver is exposed to noise, fumes, and various road conditions. Travel may be involved to locations out-of-town.
A Driver needs to have above-average oral and written communication, good customer service, and decision-making skills. Drivers should have the ability to operate vehicles efficiently and adhere to strict timetables. A Driver must not be easily distracted or become easily frustrated with mechanical issues, passenger behaviors, traffic, or dispatch requests resulting in delays and scheduling changes.

River Cities Public Transit fully adheres to FTA Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations and strictly enforces a drug-free workplace, including restrictions on some over-the-counter medications and CBD products!


  1. Education: High School Diploma or G.E.D.
  2. Experience: Previous transit driving experience is a plus, but not required to be considered for employment. 24 Hours of On-the-job Training is required before operating a bus without supervision. Further training, licenses, and certifications are required to operate a bus and maintain employment with River Cities Public Transit. Basic computer knowledge is helpful and will be necessary for this position.
  3. Equipment: Drivers will operate vans, two-way radios, wheelchair lifts, tablet computers, and other equipment as necessary.
  4. Safety Standards & Practices: All drivers will be required to acquire thorough knowledge if safety standards and practices for operating River Cities Public Transit vehicles and equipment involved in job tasks. Drivers must continuously learn and implement all new procedures, regulations, and requirements with respect to safety within the organization.
  5. Communication: All drivers must have the ability to effectively use oral and written communication in performing duties and responsibilities.


The Americans with Disability Act prohibits discrimination against a qualified individual with a disability. To be qualified for a Driver position, an individual must meet the following standards and be able to perform the essential functions and activities of the position. Drivers are required to perform wheelchair securements.

The essential physical activities for the Driver position involve the following: balancing, pulling, pushing, standing, stooping, crouching, kneeling, sitting, and operating a bus. An individual in this position will be required to lift and carry weights ranging from 0 to 50 lbs.

The essential sensory and communicative activities include feelings, seeing, speaking, hearing, and smelling.


The following tasks are representative and not to be considered all-inclusive.

  1. Provide safe and efficient transportation for the passengers of River Cities Public Transit
    1. Operate the vehicle per scheduled times
    2. Pick up passengers per dispatched requests for transportation
    3. Operate the vehicle on scheduled activities i.e. out-of-town routes, and medical trips.
    4. Respond to medical emergencies and injuries to passengers in a manner consistent with River Cities Public Transit policies, procedures, and training.
  2. Maintain buses or vans
    1. Conduct a thorough pre-trip inspection of the vehicle prior to operation
    2. Close all windows at the end of a shift
    3. Fuel buses as necessary
    4. Conduct a post-trip inspection after each shift
      1. Check for vehicle damage and report to Operations Staff if damage is found
      2. Monitor oil change requirements
  • Report all issues to mechanics in a timely manner
  1. All reports to mechanics must be detailed and thorough with complete explanations
  2. Report all damage accordingly with management
  1. Services, responsibility to passengers and citizenry
    1. Courteous and respectful behavior
    2. Responsive to passenger requests
    3. Safe, cost effective use of River City Public Transit’s resources
  2. Create and maintain a supportive work environment
    1. Treat other employees with respect
    2. Promote a positive work environment
    3. Communications
      1. Keep yourself and others informed of work issues with quality communications
      2. Work together to resolve issues and conflicts
    4. Regularly attend Safety Meetings
    5. Maintain a professional, well-groomed appearance
      1. Wear prescribed River Cities Public Transit apparel with no holes
      2. Closed toe shoes or boots are required
    6. Maintain necessary records
      1. Reconcile trips with fares
      2. Financial, bus pass records
  • Appropriate use of the time-clock
  1. Required training and certifications to obtain after employment
    1. CPR, First Aid Certification
    2. Defensive Driving
  • Maltreatment Awareness
  1. Online PASS Training and hands-on PASS Training
  2. CTeL Wheelchair Securement and hands-on wheelchair training
  3. Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training
  1. The physical and mental requirement are of utmost importance to ensure safe passenger transport and care
  2. Physical: The Driver position requires lifting and guiding wheelchair passengers onto the wheelchair lift and properly securing the tie-downs for wheelchairs. In addition, drivers must assist any passenger with special needs in boarding and exiting the vehicles. This work requires Drivers to bend, stoop, crouch, and a physical lifting requirement of 50 lbs. In the event of an accident, Drivers are responsible for safely removing the passengers on-board the bus. Drivers must be physically able to crawl underneath or get down to the ground to look for damage to the underside of buses during pre-trip and post-trip inspections. Please note: Keys to the vehicle are to be in the drivers pocket at all times during a pre-trip inspection.
  3. Mental: Drivers are expected to be mentally stable and prepared for any situations that may arise while they are transporting passengers. Drivers are encouraged to think before they act and apply training, knowledge, and organizational policies and procedures.

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