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River Cities Public Transit

​The Development of River Cities Public Transit

River Cities Public Transit started in 1998 based on coordination with transportation providers. Our incorporated name is Community Coordinated Transportation Systems. River Cities Public Transit has taken a leading role in coordination since the beginning when St Mary’s Hospital, Capitol Area Counseling and other agencies providing their own transportation joined together and incorporated what is now River Cities Public Transit. The founders could not have envisioned the amount of coordination that would become reality at the present time. The examples the founders set gave River Cities Public Transit the basis it needed to coordinate with several other businesses and agencies to this date.

River Cities Public Transit coordinates transportation for many agencies and businesses in the Pierre – Fort Pierre area. We provide all rides for Golden Living Center, St Mary’s Hospital, Maryhouse Nursing Home, Kelley Assisted Living Apartments, and Parkwood Assisted Living Center. River Cities Public Transit is a Medicaid licensed transportation provider, this allows us to provide service to medical centers for their patients that need our assistance with transportation. We provide service to all the clinics in the Pierre-Fort Pierre area and allow clinics to schedule rides for their patients or the patient may schedule their own ride.

River Cities Public Transit coordinates rides for the Career One Stop, Right Turn, Growing Up Together, Missouri Shores Domestic Violence Center, Senior Meals Program and the South Dakota Women’s Prison.

River Cities Public Transit coordinates transportation for several smaller communities in Central South Dakota. We will provide medical trips from Gettysburg to medical centers any day of the week. The local nursing home in Gettysburg works with us to provide rides for their residents. We provide service to Blunt, Harrold, Highmore and the surrounding areas working with local commissions and councils as well as senior centers to coordinate rides and determine needs for their area. River Cities Public Transit operates a job shuttle Monday through Friday based out of Highmore with stops in Harrold and Blunt for individuals needing a ride to work in the Pierre area.

As you can see from the above information River Cities Public Transit truly believes in and practices coordination of transportation with everyone allowable in the communities we serve.

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