Eagle Butte to Bismarck Shuttle

River Cities Public Transit

***48 Hour notice is required***

  • Shuttle runs Mondays and Thursdays
  • Only available upon driver availability


  • Eagle Butte to Mobridge – $10.00 One-Way/$20.00 Round Trip
  • Eagle Butte to Bismarck – $20.00 One-Way/$40.00 Round Trip
Eagle Butte to Bismarck – Monday and Thursdays
Departure Times  
Eagle Butte 4 am
Mobridge (GRC) 6 am (arrive)
Timber Lake 7 am (arrive)
Mobridge (GRC) 12:30 pm (5 hours, 45 minute layover)
McLaughlin (Cenex) 1:05 pm
Fort Yates (Transit) 1:35 pm
Bismarck (Transit) 2:50 pm


Bismarck to Eagle Butte – Mondays and Thursdays
Departure Times  
Bismarck (Transit) 9:30 am
Fort Yates (Transit) 10:45 am
McLaughlin (Cenex) 11:15 am
Mobridge (GRC) 11:40 am (arrive)
Mobridge (GRC) 6:00 pm (6 hours, 20 minute layover)
Eagle Butte 8:00 pm (arrive)

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