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Veterans Transportation

To schedule a ride call (605) 945-2360. Click here for more information.

Fares (Pierre/Fort Pierre)

A fare or one punch on your fare card covers the cost of going from point of origin (pick-up point) to first destination (drop-off point). In the transit industry; that travel is referred to as a “trip.”

For all rides scheduled at least 1 day in advanced of the trip (office hours 9 am to 9 pm)

  • $1.55 – Per General Public passenger per stop
  • $5.00 – Same day service
  • $1.00 – Per Youth passenger (4 to 17 years) per stop
    ($5.00 – Same day service per Youth passenger per stop)
  • Suggested donation $1.00 – Per older adult (60 years of age or older) per stop
    ($5.00 – Same day service per older adult per stop)
  • Children 3 years and under with an adult – Free
  • Beyond the city limits (except Grey Goose & Dell Acres) – $1.50/mile
  • Additional passengers same destination (inside city limits) – $1.55 each

Same Day Fares

  • Same day fare for 1st rider – $5.00
  • Starting 5 miles beyond the city limits – $1.50/miles
  • Additional passengers same destination – $2.00 each
  • Airport Fare – $8.00 per person
  • 2 or more passengers from the Airport to the same destination – $5.00 per person
  • 11 pm to 5 am – $4.00 per person


  • If a rider is unable to complete travel by themselves an escort will be required to assist rider
  • Escort must be picked up/dropped off at same location and time as fare rider
  • An escort is mandatory for any passenger requiring assistance with mobility, medications, communications, other personal/medical needs, or assistance with shopping bags
  • There will not be a fare charged for an escort who assists a fare rider
  • Anyone other than one escort will be considered a guest and will be required to pay a regular fare
  • An escort may be a friend, family member, medical professional, or assisted living staff

Fares for destinations outside the immediate Pierre/Ft. Pierre area

Rides within the 8 mile prescheduled radius

Additional passengers are charged $2.00 for same day service and $1.55 if prescheduled

Same Day Prescheduled
Dry Run Road

Oahe Dam/Campgrounds

Grey Goose/Maxine’s

Dell Acres


Thorne Ranch

Lodge on Dry Run Road

Whispering Pines

















Rides outside the 8 mile prescheduled radius

Additional passengers are charged $5.00 for same day service and $1.55 if prescheduled

Same Day Prescheduled
Chantier Road/Driftwood Bar

Oahe Speedway

Spring Creek

Cow Creek

Lighthouse Point




















Boys & Girls Club

The rate to the Boys and Girls Club is $15.00 * per month per family (pre-paid) or $1.00 per day per passenger. This rate covers pre-scheduled rides only. All no shows will be charged accordingly. The $15.00 rate is if payment is received prior to the 1st of the month. There will be a $7.50 surcharge if payment is received later.


Children pre-registered for the Kid’s Stop Program will be provided transportation to the YMCA. Non members will be charged $1.00 per ride per child to the YMCA or $15.00 * per month per family (pre-paid) all no shows will be charged accordingly.

For other communities served by RCPT go to our Satellite Agency’s Link

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