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Add funds to your Farecard securely online!

Rider Request Form

Click here to request a ride online. Or call 605-945-2360, Toll Free at 877-587-5776

Veterans Transportation

To schedule a ride call (605) 945-2360. Click here for more information.

My-Ride App

My-Ride is a new App (only available for Android users right now) that is the latest advancement in technology that River Cities Public Transit has to offer.
With this App you will be able to track your bus location, check your Fare Card balance and schedule rides!
This was designed specifically for River Cities Public Transit customers.

My-Ride App Brochure

Bus Location

By selecting Bus Location a map will show you the current location of your bus, and let you know what bus number will be picking you up.

Fare Card Balance

River Cities Public Transit now uses Fare Cards. These cards hold our passengers information and monetary balances. With the My-Ride App you can see how much money is left on your Fare Card.


You can track the location of the bus your child is riding on. If you have a child waiting for a pick-up, the My-Ride App will show the location of his/her bus.

Trips For Today

Passengers can see the rides that they currently have, while also showing the requested pickup and drop off times.

Duplicate or Cancel a Ride

With the My-Ride App our passengers can cancel same day rides as well as duplicate the same trip for the next day.

Download Instructions

• Go to the Play Store on your Android device.
• Search for My-Ride Shah
• Install & Open
• Code – Enter RCT
• Sticker – Enter a user name
• Name – Enter your name as it appears in River Cities Public Transit system
• Phone Number – Enter your cell phone number (including area code)
• You will receive a onetime passcode by text or email
• Enter the passcode to complete the registration process
• If you receive an error message call RCPT dispatch at 945-2360. If the name and phone number you entered are not exactly the same as what is in our system we will need to update your information.
• The next ride you schedule with RCPT will appear on the My-Ride App.



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