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River Cities Public Transit

Affordable Advertising on Wheels

Turn your ad into a rolling billboard

Surveys of our passengers indicate that:

  • 300,000 one-way trips are provided annually by RCPT
  • 15% use the RCPT to travel to work
  • 21% use the RCPT to travel to school
  • 21% use the RCPT to get to medical appointments, shopping etc.

RCPT has 50 buses in our fleet, from 22 ft. to 35 ft. Sprinters to vans.

Transit advertising reaches more people, per dollar than any other medium.

Let River Cities Public Transit (RCPT) distribute your client’s or business’ message to the entire city of Pierre & Fort Pierre and its many surrounding counties. There are over 20,000 people in the RCPT service delivery area and approximately 17,000 in Pierre & Fort Pierre. Our buses carry, on an average weekday, more than 100 passengers.

River Cities Public Transit is a 24 hour/ 7 day a week operation. The signs are professionally designed by a local graphic artist. The advertising client can choose their colors and design for their business’ ads, logos and the accompanying information and verbiage.


Call 605-945-3166 for more information!

Advertising Spots

The advertising rates on the River Cities Public Transit vehicles are very reasonable and space can be contract on various locations on our vehicles; for example here are some suggestions.

  • All the windows on one side
  • One half the windows on one
  • Space on the rear of the vehicle (the most visible)
  • Space on the front of a vehicle
  • Space on the side of the vehicle

Call 605-945-3166 for rates and availability

Non-profit organizations enjoy a 5.00% discount off advertised rates. The RCPT cannot extend discounts to advertising agencies.

Wrapped Buses and Vans

  • Instantly identify your company as a local leader.
  • Demand visual attention.
  • Reach Pierre & Fort Pierre area professionals, commuters, residents and business owners.
  • 22 to 28 foot buses are available to wrap.
  • Buses travel throughout our communities each day.
  • All areas can be wrapped including just one side or just the back of the vehicle.
  • Contracts can run from 3 months to 2-3 years

Production Specifications

River Cities Public Transit has a local graphics artist do the sign production. The range of pricing for sign production is $20 to $25 per square foot for vision vinyl; and $11/square foot for vehicle vinyl. Design work is $25/ hour. This is a onetime charge when the signs are installed. The RCPT cannot accept any tobacco, alcohol, political or religious ads.

Call 605-945-3166 for rates and availability

RCPT Interior AdvertisingBus Advertising –  Interior

  • Hard foam-board placards are available for the inside of the various buses. Sizes are 10” high by 18” long
  • Colorful placards are durable and advertise your product, or business
  • Placards are placed in visible areas of the bus in full view of passengers
  • Price for display is $25/month/bus and contracts are available for three, six or twelve months.
  • If a six month contract is selected, one additional FREE month will be provided for a total of seven months; likewise two additional FREE months will be added to one year contracts
  • Discounts available when advertising on multiple vehicles – ask for details
  • Use these placards to advertise a special event coming up, conventions, reunions, festivals, “Help Wanted” signs to hire more employees, special sales, anniversaries, special “Thank You”, holiday activities, cultural events, community guest speakers, open houses, ground breaking ceremonies, sporting events, pheasant opening, Oahe Days, and much, much more.

Fare Card AdvertisingFare Card Advertising

  • Hard plastic fare cards will be transitioned in to replace older paper punch cards
  • Hard plastic fare cards are available for advertising on one side for $3.00 per card – price includes printing in one color, or multiple colors
  • Advertise your business, your product, or provide the public with a special offer
  • These durable cards will be around for years and are reloadable so your customers will see your ads for years to come.
  • There are infinite ways to use the fare cards for advertising. Some ways may include ….
    • Gift Cards – business may buy a reduced price card and sell for full value and collect the difference. Business makes a few dollars per card while getting name out to the public.
    • Patron Cards – bar and restaurant owners may like this option where a card is provided to good customers who may have imbibed a bit too much. Get them home safely on River Cities Public Transit so they come back again.
    • Gifts – to best customers coming to Hunting Lodges, etc. Allows River Cities Public Transit to pick up your customer and get them to your business safely while using a fare card with your advertising.
    • Holiday Cards
    • Sponsorship – sponsor cards and place your advertising on it for school kids riding the bus during the year. Ideal for fast food restaurants, or the latest computer gadget stores.

RCPT Electronic AdvertisingElectronic Advertising

Coming soon!

Pop-up ads are everywhere because they work to bring attention to the business placing the ad.

River Cities Public Transit has opportunities for businesses to reach thousands of people who log on the “ride tracker” to see where the bus is; if it picked up little Jimmy; when it will arrive at my location; or to book a ride through dispatching.

Each of these “log-on’s” creates an opportunity to highlight your company through various ads such as “buy one, get one free”, or “so much off your next purchase”, or “book your next event with us”, or “help wanted”.  You could even create your own coupon that could be printed off and presented testing how your advertising efforts are succeeding .

Lots of ways to drive customers to your business.  Talk to us about developing a marketing plan just for you.


Call 605-945-3166 for more information!

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