Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Sub Recipient: River Cities Public Transit
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Location of Inspection

Vehicle Warranty(Required)
Incidental Use(Required)
Title IV Sticker present?(Required)
Emergency Exits Labeled?(Required)
Accessibility Sticker?(Required)
Vehicle Stored Secure?(Required)
Certify the pre-trip checklist is reviewed, and corrections are made in a timely manner.


Preventive Maintenance performed per schedule in Thing Tech or files (specialized)?(Required)
Maintenance records appear to be current in ThingTech or files (specialized)?(Required)
Are there past due preventive maintenance in ThingTech or files (specialized) (Refer to FTA's timely requirements)?(Required)


Are the files kept for each vehicle including vehicle information and maintenance records?(Required)
Are pre-trip inspections completed and on file?(Required)
Are pre-trip inspections signed and dated?(Required)
Have preventive maintenance scheduled for each vehicle type according to manufacturer's recommendations andaccording to asset maintenance plan?(Required)
Do work orders / invoices fully document vehicle maintenance?(Required)
Is the date and mileage noted on each work order / invoice?(Required)
Has pre-trip noted maintenance been addressed and entered in ThingTech or files (specialized)?(Required)
Preventive Maintenance conducted per schedule?(Required)
Check Mfg. book and compare to schedule?(Required)

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